Yoga Loft 200 hour Teacher Training

Lead trainers: Kristi Lyons and Maureen Oar

And with other Yoga Loft instructors and Guest Instructors

Location: Yoga Loft, 219 Legion Way SW  Olympia, WA 98501

Teacher Training cancellation policy:

 Cancellation Policy The YOGA Loft Lead Trainers have spent much time figuring out a compassionate cancellation policy that is fair to both the student who is cancelling and to YOGA Loft Teacher Training Program and the energetic investment of Yoga Loft administration.

We have made many decisions such as the hiring of facilitators, other trainers, printing materials, rental fees, all based on the number of students anticipated.

In order to get an accurate count for the number of participants, YOGA Loft TT requires a deposit and payment in full by September 1st 2019. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

For student who would like to cancel their reservation for Yoga Loft Teacher Training, money will be refunded according to the following schedule:

The $300 deposit is non-refundable. Refunds for any additional payments are handled on a case by case basis, and a $150 cancellation (administrative) fee will be applied to the refund. Requests must be made in writing.

Tuition Refund:

The percentage of the enrollment period completed is determined by dividing the total number of clock hours* elapsed from the students start date to the last day of attendance, less a $150 administrative fee and a fee of 5% if payment was made by credit or debit card. I know this sounds like a complicated math problem! If it happens to come up, we can help you navigate.

Tuition charges and refund amounts for the enrollment period will be determined as follows:

Before beginning of 1st class 100% refund (less any deposit/admin/cc fees as stated above)

10% or less of the clock hours elapsed - 90% Refund (less fees above)

20% of the clock hours elapsed - 80% Refund (less fees above)

30% of the clock hours elapsed -70% Refund (less fees above)

40% of the clock hours elapsed - 60% Refund (less fees above)

Less than 50% of the clock hours elapsed - 50% Refund (less fees above)(less fees above)

51% or more of the clock hours elapsed No Refund (this would be halfway thru the training)

*Clock hours are defined as the number of classroom hours the program has met. As an example: each weekend training is equivalent to approximately 18 clock hours of the 200 hr required

YOGA Loft reserves the right to not credit students with Yoga Alliance certification if they do not meet all the criteria for graduation from the program – in this case no refunds will be made. If a student is asked to leave before the end of a program due to mis-behavior, no refund will be awarded.

Student Grievances

The YOGA Loft Studio and Lead Trainers have an open door policy and will make every effort to be available to listen to concerns and do what is best for all involved. In the event that a student feels his or her rights have been violated, s/he should request to meet with a Lead Trainer and with the person against whom they have the complaint outside of class, and attempt to resolve the conflict.