Upcoming Online Classes Monday July 13th - Sunday July 19th
As per advice from Zoom we are not publishing the links to the
online classes on this web page
Click the link below to see the links for individual classes.

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See below for the donation information for each instructor

July 13th

10:00am Level 1 - Elizabeth

12pm Noon Gentle Yoga Kristen

4:00pm Massage Balls & Stretching - Kristi Lyons

5:30pm Level 1/2 Flow- Kristi Lyons

July 14th

8:30am Gentle Restorative - Elizabeth

10:00am Level 1 Bone Density - Kristi Lyons

12pm Noon Level 1/2 Flow - Kristi Lyons

5:30pm Gentle Flow - Kristen

7:00pm Yoga Nidra - Doug

July 15th

8:30am Mixed Level - Elizabeth

10:00am Yogahour - Whitney

12pm Noon Gentle Back Care Yoga - Mo

5:30pm Level 1/2 Yoga -
Kristi Lyons  

July 16th

10:00am Level 1 -
Kristi Lyons

12pm Noon Level 1/2 Flow - Kristi Lyons  

5:30pm Gentle Restorative - Elizabeth

July 17th

8:30am Mixed Level Bone Density - Mo

10:00am Level 1/2 Flow
Kristi Lyons

12pm Noon Gentle
Yoga - Mo

July 18th

8:30am Mixed Level - Elizabeth

10:00am Gentle Back Care Yoga - Mo

July 19th

10:00am Rise and Shine! Gentle Flow- Mo

For Mo & the studio:   Paypal:   yogaloftolympia@gmail.com     Venmo:   yogaloftolympia@gmail.com
For Kristi:                    Paypal:  lyons.kristi@gmail.com              Venmo: Kristi-Lyons
For Elizabeth:              Paypal: elizabee621@gmail.com            Venmo: @elizabethyoga
For Kristen:                 Paypal:  Krubylove@yahoo.com              Venmo: info@kristenrubis.com
For Whitney:               Paypal: whitneylawless@gmail.com        Venmo: @wonderwhit

Thank You for joining and contributing to our online yoga classes.
All funds donated on the front page of our website and to Mo's classes
go to covering rent and other expenses while we are closed. At this point
we are in a wait and see mode as to when we can reopen, stay tuned.
It is important that we stay connected to our Yoga Loft Kula (Tribe).