Letter to the Community regarding the Studio 
Upcoming Online Classes Monday September 14th - Sunday September 20th
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Donation for Mo's classes
September 14th

7am Strength + Stability Level 2 - Kristi

9am Myofacial Release + Mobility Level 1 - Kristi

10am Level 1 - Elizabeth

Noon Gentle Yoga - Elizabeth

4pm Flow + Align Level 3 - Kristi

5:30pm Yoga Basics- Krystal suitable for beginners
September 15th

8:30am Gentle Yoga /  Restorative - Elizabeth

10am Align + Bone Density  Level 1- Kristi

Noon Gentle Yoga, All Levels - Kristen

Noon Flow Level 3 - Kristi

7pm Gentle/Yoga Nidra - Doug
September 16th

7am Myofacil Release + Mobility Level 1 - Kristi

8:30am Mixed Level - Elizabeth

9am Strength + Stability Level 2 - Kristi

10am Yoga Hour - Whitney

Noon Gentle Back Care - Mo

5:30pm Luminous Flow
Level 2 - Lisa
September 17th

10am Flow Level 1 - Kristi

Noon Flow Level 3 - Kristi

September 18th

8:30am Mixed Level Bone Density - Mo

10am Align Level 2 - Kristi

Noon Gentle Yoga - Mo
September 19th

8:30am Mixed Level - Elizabeth

10am Gentle Back Care -Mo

September 20th

10am Rise and Shine! Gentle Flow with Mo
Tuesday September 22th @5:30pm - Autumnal Equinox Yoga with Mo


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