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Maureen Oar: 500 RYTE, Y4C (yoga for cancer) certified.

About Mo: Former owner of YOGA Loft, Mo has
actively been teaching and embracing a
therapeutic approach to yoga for over 15yrs. Her
personal practice and love of yoga goes back decades! Mo believes yoga is for Every Body, regardless of age or limitations. After her own diagnosis of breast cancer, now 20 years ago! Mo found yoga was an invaluable tool to help navigate the physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges, and invites all to come explore.


Live Online Yoga Schedule via zoom
Classes by donation, thank you
10am - 11am
GENTLE BACK CARE YOGA - In this class students will explore basic movement principles to create strength, flexibility and stability in the spine and major muscle groups.Emphasis is placed on self-sensing and recognizing paterns to promote healing. All Levels

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Noon - 1pm
YOGA FOR 50+ - A class designed to create flexibility, balance and build bone density with a focus on increasing energy and vitality in the 50+ yogi. All Levels
9am - 10am
BUILD BONE DENSITY YOGA - This class implements the results of a 2yr study that established the benefits of certain yoga poses (asana) to promote bone density in the spine and hips. A Mixed Level practice with some yoga experience recommended.
10am - 11:15am
GENTLE BACK CARE YOGA - This class is an extended version of the Back Care Class on Wednesday to have more time to explore with restorative poses at the end of the practice. All Levels.
10am - 11am
RISE AND SHINE GENTLE FLOW - In this class we will move slowly and mindfully through postures (asana) while focused on connecting to the flow of breath. A Mixed Level practice with some yoga experience recommended.
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We have recorded a wide range of yoga classes for you to enjoy at your convenience.
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In person classes at Olympia Yoga Sanctuary
Noon - 1pm
Gentle Back Care Yoga - Students will explore basic movement principles and postures to create stability and flexibility in the spine and major muscle groups. Emphasis is placed on self sensing and recognizing patterns to promote healing. All Levels
Drop-in $15
5 class pkg $60
10 class pkg $100
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Noon - 1pm
Yoga Basics  - Students will explore basic movement principles and postures through step-by-step verbal description and visual demonstration. Emphasis is placed on student understanding, safety, and stability within each pose/movement. All Levels
The Olympia Yoga Sanctuary is a collective of numerous instructors. Pre-register to attend, proof of vaccination
and masks are required. Visit the website to learn more:   Olympia Yoga Sanctuary

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About the Title Photo:

My husband and I were having a Winter getaway to the Oregon Coast. It was a beautiful sunset and I was inspired to
move into Virabhadrasana or Warrior II, a strong standing pose. But I soon discovered the sand was very soft and as my feet began to slip apart, the waves moved in closer. I threw caution to the wind and decided to embrace the moment and continued to slide right into Hanumanasana (the splits) What this represents to me, is the letting go of expectations and trusting in the unknown. What you don't see in the next frame is a wave washing over me, filling my boots with water and soaking all my clothes. It remains one of my favorite images by husband photograher, Gerry Oar, and the poignancy of embracing the moment.